KSF GL850 DC | Electric Glass Lifter (300 kg / 8,7 m)

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Electric glass lifter for vertical and overhead glazings. It is also an autonomous device supplied by a battery and with its equipment also a multi-purpose material lift for construction site or workshop.

Load capacity kg 300
Lifting height m 8.7
Basic height m 2.15
Weight kg 268
Counterweight (4 x 22,5 kg) kg 90
Length – Width (folded) mm 900×760
Length – Width (operating) mm 2220×1510
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  • Quick folding base, set up in 10 seconds without tools, easy and convenient
  • Very strong and compact construction
  • Heavy duty casters wheels to moving in job site
  • Two lifting screws for use in uneven ground. It can also be set up under slope
  • Mast provided with a double anti fall system
  • Steel casing on the first mast
  • Steel pulleys with upper ring
    Lifting eye for crane transport
  • High resistance lifting steel cable
  • Easy to carry for horizontal or vertical transport


Electrical operating

  •  Control with emergency stop or control box
  • Electric winch 12 V with automatic brake
  • Winch supply by a high performance maintenance free battery and an Integrated battery charger
  • For complete safety winch and battery are integrated in a steel casing



  • Versatile control of the selection of the user by Industrial radio remote. Other models on request
  • With manual winch – Load capacity up to 400 kg
  • With pneumatic motor 6 bar


Comes with:

GL – U Universal Crane arm (patented) with universal swivel design
· Retractable and foldable, available carry out installation
Works around 300 ~ 600 mm scope
· Load capacity 300 kg
· Weight 18 kg

GL 4 V Universal cradle for roof and front glazing
· Load capacity 180 kg
· With 4 vacuum suction cups
design with 360° rotation, available fixed at any position
· No limit to a height space overhead
· Dimensions 1460 x 454 mm
· Weight 27 kg

GL – 4 V – MR Hanging crane for front glazing
· Load capacity 260 kg
· With 4 vacuum suction cups on
flexible angle control
· Easy to lift the glass from the floor or from a wall
· Dimensions 1450 x 537 mm
· Weight 18 kg

· Load capacity 300 kg
· To lift construction parts
· Weight 14 kg
· Dimensions 600 x 700 mm
· Option support for steel beam

· Load hook in combination with the universal cradle

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KSF GL850 DC | Electric Glass Lifter (300 kg / 8,7 m)

11,500.00 excl. VAT

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