KSF DW520 | Electric Drywall Lifter (5.1 m)

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  • The distance of two arms up to 3,58 m to take sheets up to 4′ x 16′.
  • It’s can be operate in horizontal, vertical and ceiling positioning.
  • Vertical loading height without ground clearance.
  • Mounted on wheels of caster with break for easily movement.
  • Set-Up without tools : The legs can be release or fold in seconds without tools.
  • Telescoping legs versatile and infinitely adjustment, available use in uneven ground, like stairway.
  • Electric remote control with variable speed switch
  • The variable speed control helps making micro adjustment as well as soft starting the installation.
  • Emergency Stop Button, for stop raising / lowering immediately in case of emergency.
  • Manual operating in case of power failure.
  • Completely portable, light weight design to easy carry and transport it.
  • Telescoping Mast : constructed by heat treated, robust aluminum, compact and reliability.
  • Automatic Overload breaker: it equipped to prevent to over weight loading.
  • Voltage 230 V or 110 V – 50 / 60 Hz.
  •  Cradle load capacity : 70 kg – Cradle weight 12 kg
  • Distance of two arms with outriggers 3,58 m
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